A versatile NFT artist from Los Angeles, Robness is amongst those who had extensive press coverage… or pixels in this case. Because, beyond being one of the first and most important international NFT sellers, he is also the only one to have seen his art removed and reintegrated in the Crypto Art world. Let’s dive into the journey of the one who launched the #trashart movement.

Robness, a trailblazer. At the beginning of the Crypto Art movement, he launched his first NFTs on Bitcoin, with a tokenization layer protocol: Counterparty. After this, he was on all fronts from the launch of the first Crypto Art scene, to the RARE PEPE band, of which he is a founding member. He was present and participated in bêta tests when cross-platforms video games appeared, and a contributing artist when the PEPE CASH card exchange phenomenon emerged. Then came 2020. The year of controversy, when he became a polarizing figure, and one of two artists (the other being Max Osiris) removed from the curation platform, for a copyright dispute. He was at the center of all discussions. Cointelegraph dedicated an article to him, and emphasized the debate on centralized platforms and censorship within art communities in crypto/blockchain.

Robness, an influential artist. He gave birth to the “Trash art/Trash gif” movement, a rallying call towards censorship in this ecosystem. Today, he devotes himself to “Cavewave” or “Post-historical Expressionism”, where primitive and super-futuristic arts collide… to better connect.


Web Genesis 95′ :Data Sculpture: #5

Edition of 10 artworks