Based in Houston, Erick Calderon aka Snowfro, is just a legend in the NFT world. His first achievement? Having created the generative art project Chromie Squiggle. Simple and easily identifiable, these Squiggles shaped like kaleidoscopic snakes carry in them the emblematic symbolism of a pop art pattern. Colorful, accessible, joyous, they perfectly remind us of the artist’s hand elaborating its code. Proof of its iconic status, Chromie Squiggles became one of the first generative NFT projects of Sotheby’s, of which two were sold at the end of 2022 for 4 million dollars USD.

But SnowFro did not stop there. He is also the founder of Art Blocks, the first platform in the world dedicated to decentralized generative art. A platform through which collectors can mint NFTs without knowing exactly what they look like. At least, not until they are minted. A revolution.

What is he fond of? Working with physical and digital canvas, exploring LED art and ceramic, 3D blocks and digital art, the art of James Turrell, and making people happy. Because it is really there that he puts his artistic ambition: creating a circular economy of smiling, brightening the downs and transcending the highs.

Considered one of the thought leaders of our time, Snowfro can claim to be an inspiration to the entire art movement. A true leader in the field of generative art and the NFT ecosystem.