Originally from the south of France, Michaël Zancan belongs to a category of insatiable self-taught creators. He started practicing drawing at an early age, at the same time as programming. In high school, before the Internet was widely available, he was already coding fluently in assembler language on an Atari machine for the demoscene. Passionate by oil painting, programming, his work focuses on the convergence of figurative and generative arts.

To him, inspiration can be found everywhere. In the floral spring around his house, in the vegetation taking a hold of stones and remains of ancient battles. Mesmerized by the density, plants, and luxurious trees, Zancan challenges the genealogy of LeWitt, Mohr and Molnar. And with wild abandon, he neglects any pretense of geometric post-minimalism as a result.

His objective? Using mathematical formulas to create patterns inspired by this proliferation. This practice produces a graphic style based on line strokes, and more occasionally some transparent and full shapes. Today, his artworks exceed the “algorithmic aspect”, as if composed with a painter’s eye by their balance and density.

Having become one of the best-selling artists on Tezos, Zancan, above all else, has created an incredible collection over time, notoriously popular for their green theme and the inclusion of artworks by the most accomplished generative artists of our times.