the 2024 Arab Bank Switzerland
Digital Art Prize

Orient Meets Occident

In December 2017, for the celebration of the 55th anniversary of Arab Bank Switzerland, a festival titled “Orient meets Occident” was organized. Since then, it is under that label that we have decided to pursue all of our cultural activities. These projects, direct collaborations or simple sponsorships, carry in them the expression of our values and DNA: between orient and occident, between tradition and modernity. Throughout history, the relationship between Orient and Occident has been one of love and hate, attraction and rejection, admiration and contempt. Art, music and dance perfectly embody this link and, despite the efforts of some to rewrite history, these influences can still be seen, heard and felt to this day.

It is this extraordinary gateway of its history that Arab Bank Switzerland has chosen to cultivate. Through exceptional cultural seasons, a unique collection and a Digital Art Prize, discover art in all its forms; singular and multiple art, mixing genres and languages. Art, the greatest tool to break codes and revive traditions. A representation of our culture: modern, anchored in traditions. Interconnected.