2024 Finalists

After a launch on January 15th, and over three months of selection, which culminated in 400+ applications received for the second edition of the Prize, placed under the theme: “Journey(s) in Art: Pushing the Boundaries”, we’re proud to announce the incredibly diverse pool of finalists shortlisted by our jury. The artists and their pieces, currents, journeys, mediums and stories they carry, embody innovation and reflect the various paths around arts one can have.

The winner will be announced at the Non-Fungible Conference at the end of the month, where we will also celebrate the shortlisted pieces with a dedicated exhibition at the ABS Artists Villa.

2024 Finalists

Leander Herzog

A real-time animation crafted with JavaScript and WebGL, delving into ratios, rhythm, and repetition as compositional methods while transcending monochrome minimalism to vibrant 3D spaces, and drawing inspiration from minimalist sculpture, modernist architecture, and contemporary digital artists.

Ivona Tau

A liquid meditation, guiding viewers through undulating synthetic and organic forms created from photographs of everyday objects, highlighting their significance in our consumer culture and their impact on the natural world. Un rappel poignant de la menace que représente la pollution causée par l'homme. A poignant reminder of the threat posed by human-induced pollution, offering a paradoxical ode to the elegance and vulnerability of the natural world.

Louis-Paul Caron

An allegorical representation of the Louis-Paul’s life, incorporating various personal details and inspirations into an ideal sanctuary reflecting his journey in the art world, akin to Courbet's "L'atelier du peintre". A picture of the quest to discover beauty and venture beyond the horizon.

Irina Angles & Roope Rainisto

The artwork explores the inner journey of self-estimation and ego, portraying contrasting elements like confidence and vulnerability through distorted reflections and multiple AI-generated versions of the self. An auto-portrait of the artist, symbolizing the struggle between confidence and doubt while emphasizing acceptance of one's present self.


A collection of generative art pieces draws inspiration from Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal, translating the essence of its 126 poems into evolving ribbons that mimic the structure of the poetry. Each ribbon moves independently, driven solely by the shape and construct of the words, orchestrating a poetic dance between the individual pieces of the book.


An encapsulation of the artist's journey of growth and exploration, pushing boundaries and confronting familiar obstacles with a fresh perspective. Through deep introspection and craftsmanship, the artwork invites viewers to reflect on their own artistic evolution and the transformative power of embracing change.

Samantha Cavet & Eva Eller

By merging photography with digital painting the artwork depicts forgiveness and renewal. Through a balanced blend of painting and photography techniques, the piece portrays a moment of joy and transformation in a mystical forest setting, symbolizing themes of redemption and second chances while also reflecting the artists' friendship and shared passion for art and nature.

Mia Forrest

The merge between bio-data, audio, data sonification to form a generative piece creating abstract impressionistic landscapes that serve as an intimate collaboration between nature's intrinsic energy and the artist's dedication to nature as muse.

Anthony Samaniego

"Digital Bloom" merges AI-generated sound with fluid simulation, where the audio drives the movement based on its frequency spectrum, highlighting the intricate relationship between human and machine creativity.

Miss AL Simpson

Part of « CHRONO VISIONS » this series of overpainted AI polaroids delves into the enigmatic nature of memory and its intricate relationship with our perception of time.