Marjan Moghaddam

Digital artist and trendsetter, Marjan Moghaddam explores the field of possibilities. All of them. Ones offered by 3D synthesis images and digital media in the NFT domain, Net Art, printing, sculpture, installation and AR/VR. . Regarded as a “trailblazer in the world of digital art” by the International Herald Tribune, she has notably acquired an international reputation through her #arthacks collection, now viral with millions of views.

A true digital art icon with over 37 years of experience, she exposed, in 1984, her first computer animation produced on a Commodore 64. Since then, her passion and interest for art hasn’t ceased to grow. She draws a certain kind of artistic ingenuity from her country of origin, Iran, in particular Qajar painting, integral parts of her preferred sources of inspiration.

Exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums, including the Smithsonian, Marjan Moghaddam’s notoriety is unchallenged. Her artworks have been displayed on other supports, including documentaries such as “BBC Click Art Goes Digital” and “Proof of Art: History of Digital and NFT Art”. Recognized for her unique style of post-human figuration/animation and for her critical discourse, she was also selected for the Meta/Facebook deployment of digital collectibles.

Political refugee in the United States, she recognizes the importance of transmission. It is with this ambition that she teaches digital art at the University of Long Island, so that young generations of artists can, too, benefit from her undisputed experience.