Digital Art Prize

Pioneers. Far from societal trends or passing fads, we are pioneers. A forerunner in the domain of digital assets, with the launch of a trading offer and custody of digital assets in 2019. A precursor in the field of arts, with the announcement in 2022 of the first digital collection dedicated to NFTs created by a major institution.

On the occasion of its 60 year anniversary, Arab Bank Switzerland took its engagement a step further: one that’s necessary and beneficial, rooted in its patrimony and future-oriented. A tread towards the construction of sustainable bridges between the traditional and digital worlds, on par with our values and our cultural engagements. Another natural step taking the form of a prize.

The first NFT Art Prize in the world, an evidence. Rebranded on the occasion of this second edition, to reflect current trends and opportunities in the space.

Our convictions make us. We believe that NFTs are not an ephemeral phenomenon, but a revolution in fact. The emergence of a significant artistic movement for history as a whole, and art history especially. We believe in a paradigm shift, in new means of transmission, in a wider access to culture.

A long-time patron of the arts, Arab Bank Switzerland has created this prize to make its contribution, elevate, awaken, and promote curiosity. Forever and always weaving new links. Between art and technology, by supporting artists who, in their own ways, disrupt the world and between talents, collectors and financiers, who for the first time, belong to the same community.

A once unimaginable bridge, today more than ever essential. At a time when maintaining a human dimension is essential, we have chosen to uphold and express our values and our DNA.

A voyage around the art, always pushing the boundaries.

2024 Prize

Discover the selection criteria, endowment, and rewards of the Arab Bank Switzerland NFT Art Prize

2024 Jury

The president and jury of the Arab Bank Switzerland NFT Art Prize comprises mentors and experts from the digital art world.

2024 Application

Artists, find out how to apply to the ABS Digital Art Prize, important dates in the call for application and evaluation criteria. Important dates in the call for application and evaluation criteria.