The 2023 Edition

Combining our involvement in the crypto space with our long-term patronage of the arts, we announced the launch of the world’s first NFT Art Prize last year to emphasize the link between art and technology by supporting artists who, in their own way, revolutionize the world of art. The call for application for this first edition incorporating the theme “Orient meets Occident” proved to be a success with over 140 applications since its opening in January 2023.

We are proud to announce the winner of this first edition as well as the 9 international artists shortlisted by our jury and their artworks which have all been exhibited at the 2023 Non Fungible Conference.


Glitch Intaleqi

Edition 1/1

The 2023 Finalists

Fascinated by animation and cartoon short films from an early age, Louis-Paul Caron creates 3D digital artworks that revisit neoclassical paintings. Through his pieces, he tackles today strong and committed themes, such as the relation between man and machine, the political power and place of citizens in relations to the state.
French 2D/3D motion designer Abdoulaye Barry has been creating NFTs since 2020, from abstract animated artworks to 3D surrealist environments, highly inspired by microorganisms.
Emilie-Alice Fabrizi, Antoine Sarraute et Sha22 join forces to push the boundaries of multiple graphic universes, thus creating a visual link with contemporary elements for a new reflection.
Turkish photographer Rizacan Kumas defines himself as a visual storyteller. Specializing in documentary photography, he captures the relationship between people and land from Asia to the West.
Brazilian-American artist Fiona Aboud explores identity through abstract works and portraits. She deconstructs stereotypes to foster more nourishing relationships.
Italian photographer Giulio Aprin would describe himself as an explorer, a storyteller. A recognized artist, he is passionate about remote places, especially deserted regions.
Post-conceptual artist, De Wilde works at the intersection of art, science, and technology, exploring at the heart of his innovative artistic practice the inaudible, intangible, invisible.
French, Popeye Pazuru links collage, digital and interactive art at the heart of his work. He is also a member of the Ponzi DAO where the idea of ENS Art was born.
OG crypt artist Bård Ionson creates political and crypto-specific artworks. He explores color, form, the organic and the abstract by including identifiable contemporary symbols.

The 2023 edition jury

The prize is supported by a panel of judges and expert mentors from the art and digital worlds. For the first edition of the Arab Bank Switzerland NFT Art Prize, the jury was presided over by Inna Modja.

Inna Modja

International artist, Head of Philanthropy at World of Women and UN Ambassador (UNCCD).

The jury was comprised of:


Founder of the Non Fungible Conference and co-author of the book “NFT Revolution, Birth of the crypto-art movement”

Benoît Couty

Art Director of the NFT Factory and founder of MOCA, one of the two biggest crypto-art museums in the world.

Rani Jabban

Managing Director of Arab Bank Switzerland

Nicolas Gonet

President of the Gonet & Cie Board and Member of the Arab Bank Switzerland Board

Valeria Lavizzari

Senior Trade Finance Officer of Arab Bank Switzerland. She graduated with a masters degree in Art History from the University of Geneva.