Matt DesLauriers

Matt DesLauriers is a Canadian generative artist residing in the UK. His creative practice is deeply rooted in code, software, and generative processes, and seeks to unravel the complexities of randomness and emergence through visually captivating and interactive systems.

A notable project in DesLauriers’ oeuvre is Meridian, a series of generative art pieces that encapsulates his fascination with stratified landforms, represented through multitudes of color strokes. Each piece in the collection is defined by a unique coordinate within a multidimensional generative space. DesLauriers’ work probes the nuance of randomness, emergence, and infinity, decoding complex subjects into approachable visuals and playful interactive systems.

DesLauriers’ artistic journey is marked by significant achievements and international recognition. His work has been featured in venues such as Kunsthalle Zürich in Switzerland, MoCA Taipei in Taiwan, and at Art Basel events in Miami and Hong Kong. His interactive installations have graced the Louvre Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, bridging the gap between digital art and historical spaces.

In 2021, he partnered with the National Film Board of Canada to produce Wayfinder, an awarded game on art and poetry. Showing commitment to community and innovation, DesLauriers is an active contributor to open-source software by developing tools and libraries that enhance creative coding and generative art workflows.


Meridian #626

Series of 1000 artworks (1/1 of 1000)