Passionate about drawing since his youngest age, Pascal Boyart, grew up two blocks away from the empty lots of la Chapelle, in Paris, the cradle of European graffiti. It is therefore natural that he started his journey as a graffiti artist, making a name in the field of urban art. A world in which his figurative style and technical virtuosity made him gain the respect of his peers. That way, for nearly 15 years, he covered the walls of the French capital with his ultra-realistic frescoes.

From this urban phase, Pascal Boyart retains an obvious fascination for monumental portraits. He now channels his thinking into the representation of the gaze and exploration of its expressive potential. He pays tribute to the infinite complexity of the relation between the human face and soul. The most essential albeit most mysterious part of each individual.

Just like his creative process intends to both be the heir of urban culture and classical sensibility, his material approach to painting associates new technology to traditional painting techniques. Most notably, he is the first muralist to have suggested Bitcoin donations through QR codes affixed to his works. He is also the first one to have transformed his mural frescoes into NFTs.

His influences include Brueghel, Goya, Pollock, Seurat, or Freud.


256 – The Visionary, 2021

Unique artwork (1:1)