Roope Rainisto & Irina Angles

The Finnish artist, designer, and photographer Roope Rainisto harbors a deep-seated passion for storytelling. His creations intricately explore the interplay between the tangible and the virtual. With a substantial 25-year career as a creative designer, he now explores the potential of AI-based generative tools as mediums for artistic expression. On the other side, Irina Angles, a multidisciplinary artist from Ukraine, with over 15 years of dance experience, finds fascination in the forms her body can sculpt in space. She delves into the enthralling connection between physical movement and digital art forms.

Together, the synergy between Rainisto and Angles has birthed multiple pieces of art. Angles, through the fluidity of her dance performances, provides the initial spark, which Rainisto then meticulously molds using custom-trained models, each tailored to the essence of the piece or collection at hand. These exclusive models, fine-tuned by the artist, facilitate a layered creative process: an orchestrated interchange of input and output amongst various AI systems over several days of iterative refinement. This methodical process, gradually stripping away the excess logic, eventually unveils a piece that resonates with a balance of objectivity and subjectivity, manifesting the harmonious fusion of their distinct artistic realms.