Adesola – Arclight

A multidimensional artist, Adesola, whose real name is Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf, was born in 1997 in Lagos, Nigeria. A graduate from Yaba College of Technology with an HND in Graphic Design, his pieces are in both digital and physical art form.

His works, with their expressive visual forms, are inspired by modern minimalist, pop and internet culture, as well as Renaissance art – an art that fascinates him, an art of detail, and ornate, drawing from the baroque and rococo era.

He describes his works as a detailed soliloquy, a declaration of vibrant and contrasting colors, giving insight into his anecdotes and interactions. His works testify to his call for self-awareness, using art as a way to archive his individuality and question socio-political issues. His works are a diary that he uses to document his daily interactions with his immediate environment. Adesola uses arrows and flowers as symbols which, depending on the subject of the work, can mean very different things. The arrows are about pain, death and evil, while the flowers are about growth, youth, life and beauty.

His art pieces don’t just end there, Adesola’s works give room for conversations and show that “any story, good or bad, happy or sad, can be visually appealing”.