Electronic music producer, composer and French DJ, Agoria is one of those who transcended borders early on. Physical, cultural, artistic frontiers. His parties, called “agoria” first inspired his alias. After that, in 1999, he produced and published his own titles, rapidly acquiring global recognition. Since then, he has published seven albums, a movie soundtrack, and several singles and EPs.

But the artist and musician also has other areas of interest and fascination. Generative and biological art in particular. Agoria, prolific creative, combines the blended reality of the metaverse with art, music and science. Like so, he regularly collaborates with biologists, neuroscientists and philosophers: in 2018, with Philippe Parreno on art exhibitions and performances at the Armory Park in New York City, and in the Tate Modern in London, and launching his own exhibit at Miami Art Basel a year later.

In 2022, Agoria’s oeuvre was exposed in the entire world through major events dedicated to NFTs. In New York’s Times Square during the NFT.NYC, in Barcelona at the Sonar, in London during the Proof of People exhibition, or at the time of the Berlin Art Week.