Amber Vittoria

A multi-talented creator, artist, poet and author, Amber Vittoria lives in Los Angeles and handles ink, colored pencils, acrylic paints, language and more recently: digital fine art with NFTs. Using these mediums, she creates compositions dominated by watery rainbow gradients, accentuated with simple graphite drawings and punchy words. Her work draws inspiration from her relationship with femininity, emotions and the inherent expectations in society.

Amber always knew she wanted to dedicate her life to painting, but in 2012, after graduating from college, she started with illustrations, designing websites for big companies such as Victoria’s Secret, VaynerMedia, Avon. It’s only in 2017 when she transitioned back to her first love and started painting portraits, first for friends, then for art collectors. She was becoming so successful she founded her own print store: Society6.

But the wheel of creativity kept on turning for Amber Vittoria. In 2018, she heard of CryptoKitties without realizing it was NFTs. At the time, people were looking for artists to draw different cat features, so she reached out and joined the adventure, to then forget about it until February 2021, when she acquired CryptoPunks through her savings and recommendations from her husband’s friends. Soon after, she started selling her own artworks on MakersPlace.

It turned out to be a great success! Her “Inaugural Collection” and then her “Alphabet Collection” in July 2022, “Memories of a Masterpiece” sold at lightning speed. From then on, Amber Vittoria reintroduced her physical work, offering limited editions to some of her paintings, reminiscent of the concept of limited edition screen printing.

In 2020, she distinguished herself by being named in Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Art & Style category, attracting the attention of websites such as HYPEBEAST and NFT Evening, which highlight Amber Vittoria’s impact and influence in the Web3 scene.