Angelika Kollin

Estonian artist Angelika Kollin, currently based in Tampa, USA, has emerged as a compelling voice in Fine Art and Documentary photography. A self-taught photographer, Kollin uses her craft as a medium to delve deep into the complexities of interhuman connections, intimacy, loneliness, and suffering. Her work, characterized by its unflinching honesty and an aura of intimate emotions, is influenced by a lifelong quest to comprehend human experiences and the role of faith within.

Spending eight years in African countries like Ghana, Namibia, and South Africa, she explored the consistent themes of her work across diverse cultures and economic backgrounds, further cementing her belief in the profound impact of parental relationships on individual development. Her current, ongoing projects You Are My Mother/Father and The Song of Psalms have come about after an intense artistic evolution, offering poignant insights into familial bonds and individual identity.

Kollin’s artistry is marked by a candid and unreserved approach, which is thoughtfully tempered by an atmosphere of deep-seated emotions and a sense of noble grace. Her work has garnered significant acclaim, with recognitions including Lensculture (1st Prize Winner, 2020; Finalist, 2022), BIFA (1st Place, 2021), Lucie Foundation (Finalist, 2020), and PHMuseum (Finalist, 2020). Her photography has been exhibited at the Helsinki Foto Festival, Lensculture group exhibition in New York, Cape Town (solo), OFF Foto Festival in Bratislava, FotoNostrum gallery in Barcelona, and The International Photographer group exhibition in Berlin.



Unique artwork (1:1)