Crypto-geek artist Booyasan fell in love with computer graphics as a child, at the beginning of the 90s. A kid who loved having heavy school books because they made longer animation flip-books! Then, later, he went on to become a young man happy to study art, to work as a graphic designer, photographer or even director. But Booyasan is from those who blossom by also elaborating more personal projects. Through a succession of coincidences, encounters and more intimate works, he found his place within traditional galleries, and more recently in crypto art.

His inspiration? Extensive. A mix of simple ideas and technical challenges. His themes often carry pop references, from computer sciences, and art history, hints to the consumer society, to politics or even crypto currencies. A mix of super heroes, pop stars, bitcoins, and classical paintings merged into one unique palette.

Fervent admirer of artists such as Beeple, Pak, Pascal Boyart, and many others, he founded the collective 1789NFT with creators he admired as much, so that art can always remain an expression of one’s soul.


Hacking of the Sabines

Unique artwork (1:1)