Cory Haber

New York-based generative artist Cory Haber is widely recognized for his innovative approach to bridging the gap between digital and physical art forms. Passionate about the convergence of art and technology, Cory has succeeded in creating a distinct artistic style: a signature that is able to capture the essence of nature and its processes using computational design.

After graduating from university in New York City in 2014, Cory Haber has been honing his skills and developing a unique method for creating original art: he meticulously makes 3D printed brushes to produce large-scale paintings on canvas. Each of his creations, whether digital or physical, is derived from the same basic source code, but evolves to become separate and distinct works of art.

His latest project, entitled SOL, inspired by a series of prints by Andy Wharol, is based on the idea of giving meaning to metadata. To do this, he created a series of 365 generative artworks, each representing an actual sunrise for each day of the year: searching for information on the angle of the sun in New York on any given date, and integrating this information into his work. He then invites collectors to discover this metadata so that they can establish their own relationship with it. The 365 works sold out in… 35 minutes.

Reflecting the rapid evolution of the digital age, Haber’s work embodies the harmony between creativity and technology, offering viewers an immersive experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. As a generative artist, he questions conventional artistic norms and invites us to explore the infinite possibilities of the digital world, while at the same time remaining deeply rooted in the beauty of the real world.