Dave Krugman

Dave Krugman is a New York-based artist. From a young age, influenced by his father and grandfather who both were photography enthusiasts, Krugman was drawn to the art of capturing moments. He still uses the camera that once belonged to his grandfather, adding, in a certain way, a touch of legacy to his work.

Krugman often shoots in the streets of New York City, often at sunset. He meticulously composes each shot, focusing on patterns, symmetry, and occasionally breaking these elements to create a geometric style that mirrors the city’s architecture. He is always looking at the world around him, searching for the intersections of subjects, light, composition, perspective, and sometimes juxtaposition. His preferred conditions, such as shooting in the rain, which brings a transformative perspective to familiar scenes.

Krugman’s involvement with cultural institutions like MoMa to uplift their online profile, particularly during the rise of Instagram, highlights his commitment to elevating the digital artistic landscape. His deep interest in web3 technologies and their potential for creative careers is evident in his work and community efforts. As the founder of the creative community ALLSHIPS, Krugman fosters a collaborative environment embodying the belief that collective growth benefits all.


Drip #956

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