Emily Edelman

A New Yorker and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graphic design graduate, Emily Edelman began her career as a designer, specializing in creating immersive stories. For 10 years, she has been translating ideas into large-scale events and fantasy spaces providing entertaining, educational and inspiring experiences.

Emily Edelman is a curious and passionate artist. Emily Edelman is a curious and passionate artist. She delves into the world of generative art and builds collections around an exciting constraint: how do you write an algorithm capable of producing consistent beauty .. .

Also known for bringing people together, she co-founded the Token Art NYC conference with Steve Pikelny and Alex Supkay, with the goal of bringing the NFT art community together around topics of conversation driven by the community itself. This initiative creates a space to exchange ideas, share experiences and provide mutual support within the NFT artist community.

Emily Edelman is committed to always pushing the boundaries of digital creativity whilst remaining grounded in traditional craft. He describes his works combines a unique fusion of digital aesthetics, technology and artistic sensibility, offering her audience unique experiences juggling the visual and the emotional.