19, like the age of this rising star in the art world: FEWOCiOUS. If there is one thing to learn from his work, it’s first and foremost the dizzying litany of numbers. Each and every art piece is instantaneous. From his memories, mirrors of his heart, his passion for creation, the strength of his feelings. The ones of an artist living in New York, who started creating at 13 years old. A young trans artist whose incursion into digital art was experienced as a refuge, a way out.

17. It’s the age at which he sold his first artwork. 2021, the year during which he organized a revolutionary auction with Christie’s, to celebrate pride month. Results of the auction sale? 2.16 million dollars USD. That same year, he collaborated with RTFKT to create sneakers and new collection pieces that fusion fashion and game realities. During the auction, each NFT was accompanied by a pair of shoes, generating over 3 million dollars in sales in under 7 minutes.

In 2022, he organized his “paint drop” FEWO WORLD through Nifty Gateway, made of a 24-hours public sale of NFT. Revenue: 20 million dollars. This sale attracted collectors all around the globe and was the third most expensive auction sale in the history of the NFT market. Before that, he participated in the auction of contemporary art pieces by Sotheby’s in London, where he sold his first life-sized physical sculpture. The genesis of the generative customizable character and fashion metaverse, FEWO WORLD sold for $2.85 million.

FEWOCiOUS is undeniably one of the most popular NFT artists and one of the most influential of his generation.


our home was never built to last

Edition of 157 artworks