Floriane de Lassée

Floriane de Lassée, French photographer born in 77, has been highlighting, for the past 20 years, the story of women, at home and abroad, through staged photographs. In Paris, at the ESAG, she first learned the basis of colors and of images’ construction. Then in NYC, she specializes at the International Center of Photography. A world of discoveries. A world of discoveries. Discovery of varied mediums, of the large camera format, of independence as an artist photographer.

What she loves? Travels, staging people, keeping a fresh eye, always. What sets her apart? Working on two distincts series in parallel. One, always based on a woman’s history … The other, on the opposite, more abstract, mysterious.

Her series of nocturnal stagings “Inside Views 2004/2011” paints a mysterious and melancholic portrait of women living in big cities. A work that has been partly supported by l’Oréal to illustrate her book “100 000 years of beauty” published by Gallimard. Then, in 2012 and 2013, she browsed international roads and created “Half the Sky”. A complement to her initial urban photos linked to the different destinies of women. Meanwhile in her NFTs “How Much Can You Carry?” presented by Rhapsody Curated, she reflects on the weight of life, its course, its variations, its end.

Since then, she has developed very distinguishable projects blending graphics and photos. Alternating metaphorical scenes dealing with medically assisted reproduction, or the evolution of the family in the 21st century. Committed, feminist, life-saving projects.



Unique artwork (1:1)