Georgina Hooper

Also known in China and Japan under the name Choy Gina 蔡金娜, the Australian artist painter Georgina Hooper explores Chinese traditional painting under a new angle: the one of neurosciences and creative practice. A graduate of fine arts in 1999, she studied history of art before being invited, in 2011, to the University of Tianjin as a researcher. Her goal? Deepening her practice and understanding of traditional Chinese painting.

Distinctive, her style synthetizes oriental calligraphic lines with a certain modern abstraction. Through the random repetition of five lines affixed on a colorful scope, she creates vast rhythmical matrices imbued with strength and the movement of nature. The abstract and seemingly infinite landscapes reflect her desire to represent the natural environment like an experiment. A feeling. Inspired by the monumentality of space and the sense of apprehension that is associated with it. The work of Hooper is meant to be immersive. Offering to the audience the possibility to visually escape, to serenely meditate.

Now, Georgina Hooper uses digital and physical technologies to explore human, technological and metaphysical realities of our existence. To do so, she fuses traditional Chinese crafts with AI, but also oriental and occidental philosophies, in order to make visible unseen energies.