Hackatao is a story, one of a meeting, of a duo. A tale on the fusion of two natures, two personalities, two styles. “Hack” for the pleasure of getting under one’s skin and discovering who hides behind. “Tao” for the Yin and the Yang.

It all starts in 2007, in Milan, where their first works take the shape of “Podmorks”, little totem creatures, sculpted in ceramic and decorated with drawings and acrylic. A style is born, unique, recognizable at first glance. Colorful pop figures where clear lines create an ideal “cage” defining other illustrations in black and white. Art pieces calling upon the history of art, symbolism, psychology or game while tackling societal, environmental issues, as well as questions around humanity and crypto . From sacred to profane.

Then comes crypto art. A universe where creators can remain anonymous, where each and everyone can be a judge beyond any hierarchy. In 2018, with their first NFT “Girl Next door”, an animated GIF tokenized on SuperRare, they make a remarkable entrance in this world with an explosive “f*** you”.

Ever since, Hackatao has been moving on its own path. By educating, collaborating with artists and creators and further pushing the boundaries of AI in art. All while never ceasing to look ahead.