Hermine Bourdin

French sculptor Hermine Bourdin has spent many years working in illustration, graphic design, animation and design before launching into her passion for physical creation, matter and a wish: learning to sculpt stone, wood, plaster, and sandstone, her material of choice, under the direction of different teachers.

Her artistic practice taps from the depths of civilizations and is inspired by the Neolithic period of ancient Europe and by more recent artists like Niki de Saint Phalle. In concrete terms? Her work is an ode to women. Their bodies, shapes, strengths and aesthetics. Women that she sees as true muses. Curvy and generous women. Beautiful. And to illustrate this freedom and the creating power, Hermine Bourdin places each of them in a circle, symbol of the earth, of protection, of the mother.

But for some time now, Hermine Bourdin has been going further by also using digital tools as new material for exploration and creation. A process that allows her to defy the laws of the physical universe through new technologies, freeing herself from the static constraint and gravity of material work.

The physical sculptures of Hermine Bourdin have been exhibited in renowned galleries such as the KÖNIGH Gallery in Berlin, the Melissa Paul Gallery in London, the Julie Caredda Gallery in PAris, the Philia Gallery in New York, but also Geneva, Copenhagen and Praha. As for her digital art, it was notably exhibited during the CADAF Digital Art Month in Paris, in Art Basel Miami, at the Museum of Archives in Paris during the Paris Design Week, in New York City and in Lisbon.