Ivona Tau

Dr. Ivona Tau, a generative A.I. artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, navigates the surreal in experimental photography and motion painting through code. At 18, her fascination with photography unfolded, using her grandfather’s eighties Lomo LC-A lomography camera as a lens to play with color and texture, treading down the path of abstraction and surrealism. Her life in post-war Warsaw, while studying Mathematics, then shaped a unique perspective through witnessing the city’s evolution from Soviet relics to capitalist modernism. This transformation still echoes in her current depiction of cityscapes, oscillating between utopias and dystopias.

Tau later intertwined her mathematical and computer expertise with her affinity for painting and photography, crafting a practice of assemblage of mediums. Within this fusion she tries to navigate the potentials of technologies, and creates with the urge to observe the world in a different way, beyond traditional conceptions.

Tau’s work, a blend of the metaphysical and technological, invites viewers into a participatory digital realm, where every piece is a narrative awaiting interaction. Inspired by illusion and fantasy, she reveres the surrealistic endeavors of Man Ray and Dora Maar, and the cinematic narratives of David Lynch.

Her continuous experimentation, especially with long-form generative art, blends futuristic aesthetics and cyber-punk culture, transcending traditional visual boundaries. The interplay of code and imagery in Tau’s work blurs the line between reality and imagination, crafting a vivid visual language that resonates with the digital zeitgeist.