Lisa Orth

A creative and talented jack-of-all-trades, Lisa Orth reaches new heights when it comes to artistic design. Her journey began in Seattle as graphic designer and art director in the 1980s. At the time, she worked for COCA, the Center for Contemporary Art, as well as the revered local music magazine The Rocket, and for major cultural institutions such as Sub Pop Records. It was there that she designed, as Art Director, the first Nirvana records and their now iconic logo.

She then launched herself in design after learning code, co-founding an agency in Seattle where she was Head of Art Direction. In 2007, she left to go into tattooing and, like everything she does, Lisa plunges into this profession with an almost obsessive enthusiasm. Her style, based on line work, has not only won her awards, but also international recognition, attracting a number of clients who want to bring their skin dreams to life.

Then 2020 and Covid hit, taking her out of business, and like many others, she had to reinvent herself. She rediscovered her past passions, started painting again, making music, and experimenting with digital art. In August of the same year, she discovered the world of NFTs.

Since then, Lisa Orth focused on creating abstract generative art with Processing and p5.js. Her artworks inspire many discerning collectors, and can be purchased on various platforms in the ecosystem.