Louis-Paul Caron

Artist and French director born in 1995, Louis-Paul Caron distinguishes himself through his innovative work in the field of digital art. Trained at the Ecole Boulle, the Arts Déco in Paris, and the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, he has developed, over the years, a personal and original style in digital painting.

Fascinated by animation and cartoon short films from an early age, Louis-Paul Caron creates 3D digital artworks that revisit neoclassical paintings. Inspired by the history of art and classical culture, he skillfully blends academic aesthetic and modern digital tools, bringing futuristic worlds and half-human half-celestial characters to life. A certain fascination? Yes ! From an early age, Louis-Paul Caron had a passion for animation and short films.

Through his pieces, he tackles today strong and committed themes, such as the relation between man and machine, the political power and place of citizens in relations to the state. His artistic approach is akin to cinematography, featuring carefully crafted compositions and enigmatic digital landscapes.

At only 28, Louis-Paul Caron is already considered an accomplished artist, with a distinctive and captivating style. His work sparks interest for both his impeccable aesthetic and the profound questions he raises through his compositions.

His oeuvres are exhibited in art galleries in Paris and in the Metaverse (Spatial, Decentraland, Cryptovoxel).



Unique artwork (1:1)