Mark Knol

At the beginning, Mark Knol, was a video games designer at Media.Monks, fond of programming, arts and guitar. He started creating generative art around 2008, at a time where Flash and ActionScript were trendy. Sensitive to the environment and criticisms inherent to mining and transaction validation, NFTs in their infancy did not call to him. But his meeting with Mario Klingemann and Matt DesLaurier, with their energy-efficient NFTs, was a game-changer.

Turned into one of the most famous artists in the Tezos generative art community, his Smolskulls are everywhere. A funny story the one of these Smolskulls. Far from originally attracting “PFP projects”, he realized afterwards that they could become the reflection of a personal and sincere artistic touch. His will be a pixelated skull, with a round head, making it a mix between pixel and vector art. To do so, he uses a handful of colors, but a variety of nice facial expressions.

Over the past decade, Mark has produced and contributed to a hundred open source projects, including major contributions to the Haxe community. He has produced a large range of generative artworks and was ranked among the top 20 artists on hicetnunc and fxhash. He also created projects, games, and award-winning works around the world, for brands such as Google, Red Bull, Amazon, Pandora, Netflix, McLaren, to name a few.



Series of 2000 artworks (1/1 of 2000)