Martin Grasser

He’s behind the Twitter blue bird! A generative artist and designer based in the Bay Area, Martin Grasser’s work is iterative. He isolates concepts and then develops them through repetition. And while the Twitter logo undeniably remains his best-known work to the general public, Martin Grasser’s world is far wider than a “simple” stroke of genius.

As a very young father, he didn’t go to art school until the age of 29. nitially, he was interested in typography, “those little pieces of architecture”. Then, as a natural extension, he decided to specialize in branding, before turning his attention to conceptual art and discovering new ways of creating, beyond drawing and painting. At the same time, in 2016, he joined forces with his strategic partner Gabrielle Muse. Together, they launch Studio Mococo, and lead a diverse creative team focused on producing ambitious brands that celebrate art in everyday life.

But it’s his interpretation of letterforms that leads him to his most accomplished artistic projects. What many consider plain text, dyslexic Martin Grasser sees as art. He explores the transformation of typographic characters from magazines, newspapers and books into a universe of vibrant abstraction. Anchored in language, his practice actually gives access to much deeper universes. Like his Color Dot Font, which was nominated for the Tokyo TDC Experimental Work Award in 2021.