Norman Harman

A Scottish Artist born in 1981 and member of the art collective Ltd Ink Corporation, Norman Harman distinguishes himself by his incredible creativity in the fields of painting, photography and deconstructive digital art. His passion for the Arts blossomed whilst at the Edinburgh College of Art, where he graduated in 2001, after which his artistic career took off immediately. Norman Harman, known as Norrie, exhibited for the first time in Edinburgh in 2001. There, he received the Latimer Prize from the Royal Scottish Academy, which rewards exceptional young Scottish painters. After winning this prestigious award, Norman Harman consolidated his position in the art world and gained international recognition. Over the years, he built his own studio and practiced his art in the north of England, before moving back to Edinburgh in 2015. As a digital visual deconstructor, Harman creates a series of unique art collections over the course of his “not so young” career. He uses a specially developed algorithm to deliberately corrupt digital files, revealing the beauty of lost transmissions and altered imagery. He explores the different interferences between painting and the digital, creating falsely distorted representations that provoke thought and interpretation. Norman Harman’s art, often described as “exploded paintings,” is characterized by his bold use of the digital brush creating compositions that appear corrupted to each viewer. His work is widely acclaimed for its complexity, originality and ability to blend beauty, deconstruction, mist, rarity and topical subjects. Recognized as one of the most profitable artists in the CryptoArt field, his work has been exhibited in the UK and Europe. Recent collaborations include Robness Cyberpop, Irvine Welshou and Anton Newcombe.