Researchers, artists, childhood friends, Obvious is an unusual collective. A passionate trio, precursors in the exploration of the creative potential of AI. They shook up the history of art and proved that all good things come in threes by selling the first NFT art piece at Christie’s in New York in 2018. Estimated at 10,000 dollars USD, the first portrait of their Bellamy series actually sold for 432,000 dollars USD, besides a Jeff Koons and a Warhol. Obvious trendsetters and pioneers in their field.

Together, they present a different perspective, unprecedented in the world of art. Their work is a voice from another dimension, giving binary matters and series of zeros and ones a human form. In a battle between digital material and figurative state, finding this equilibrium becomes their final artistic creation. Always striving to push boundaries, they associate new technology with older production ones, such as Japanese printing art or Ghanaian mask carving.

With its creations, Obvious questions the world around us and raises philosophical and societal issues.