Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe, his full name, was born and raised in Aba, in southeast Nigeria. When his father gave him a computer at the age of 15, Osinachi started experimenting with digital image creation with Microsoft Word. As he tried to develop his work and sell it in a traditional gallery, he was rebuked and his pieces sold for 60 dollars. But in 2017 came a revelation: he could sell NFTs by using blockchain technology!

Osinachi stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons. Self-taught, he uses his mastering of Word to his advantage, and text processing for art purposes. Unprecedented. Then comes his singular use of colors and patterns, from which emerges sophisticated compositions, dynamic, but flat, like a collage. Innovative here again. His work is audacious, authentic, sincere, and touches upon a particular desire for equality, diversity and environmentalism, characteristic of his generation.

Last October, the 30-year old became the first African crypto-artist to see his artworks sold in Europe by Christie’s. During the auction sale, his piece went for 68,000 dollars. His series of 5 NFTs, “Different Shades of Water”, exposed for the first time during the Londonian edition of the African Art Fair 1-54, is inspired by the works of British artist David Hockney.