In 1987, while Michael Jackson sang “Who’s bad”, the chorus could be revisited today to “Who’s Pak”? Pak, inescapable artist pushing the limits of new art media. Pak, creative genius or controversial artist? Pak, a mystery as much as his identity is. An opacity that pushes some to qualify him as “Cryptographic art’s Satoshi”. Satoshi as in Nakamoto, the unknown creator of Bitcoin.

So what do we know? He is the founder and principal developer of the Undream studio. The creator of “Archillect”, a social media account extremely famous on Twitter and Instagram, followed by millions of people, and which Elon Musk himself has praised. The AI algorithm scours the internet to find the visual content most likely to become a trend on the platforms. All that’s left to do is post on Twitter and Instagram.

But above all, Pak is the artist of record. Held by Beeple and his oeuvre The First 5000 Days, the NFT sale record had reached 69 million dollars USD. A distinction that Pak has now claimed as his own in December 2021, when its NFT series “The Merge” is auctioned off. The work could also be considered the most expensive ever sold by a living artist. As a reminder, the holder of the latter, Jeff Koons, had generated 91 million dollars from the sale of his iconic Rabbit.



A Cube #2580/5148

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