Samantha Cavet

Poetry in photography, or Samantha Cavet’s art of creating singular atmospheres reminiscent of impressionist canvases.

From her childhood in Venezuela, where she was born, Samantha Cavet remembers days spent looking at old photographs. Yellowed, faded, moving family photos, past but inhabited. And while Caracas has since been replaced by Madrid, to find a location more conducive to opportunities, her fascination for photography and love of travel have remained.

It was during the Covid epidemic that she felt the compelling desire to rework the photographs she had taken months prior. She then found the camera that her grandfather had given her and began to take pictures. She has never stopped ever since. An introvert, Samantha Cavet’s work is her way of incarnating and expressing herself. Strongly influenced by the music she loves, melancholic, slow and deep, and above all by the work of the Impressionists, each of her photographs succeeds in creating images that are as dark and mysterious as they are soothing and restful.

Far from trying to tell a specific story, Samantha Cavet’s work focuses on the representation of human emotions. Nostalgia, calm and spleen emanate from pictorial landscapes in a clever tribute to Impressionist paintings. A surreal atmosphere that she continues to experiment with colors, concepts and image editing, with a single aim: to create ever more ethereal scenes.