French-Canadian artist Nicolas Sassoon uses early computer imaging processes to create a wide range of pixelated shapes and figures, moiré patterns and architectural structures. His striking artistic language is inspired by the early 1980s aesthetic, a time during which computers and video games had digital graphics spread and entered households around the world.

An artist who never stops refining his style. From 2008 onwards, he participated in the Computers Club, a collective blog founded by Kirst Wood and Robert. A blog where each member artist contributes to gifs and large-scale html pieces. In early 2021, Sassoon returned to its 10-year production to create his first NFTs on Foundation. A short time after, he became a passionate collector. Today, his collection contains hundreds of pieces, many of which were acquired at a low cost on Hic and Nunc, other places on Tezos. A way for him to connect with like-minded artists, to build a more equitable economy for digital art.

Engaged in interdisciplinary projects in the fields of electronic music (New Forms), fashion (Balenciaga, UNIQLO) and contemporary art. His work has been exhibited in numerous institutions around the world, including the Whitney Museum in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai.