Summer Wagner

American contemporary photographer hailing from the Midwest region, United States, Summer Wagner explores the spiritual and psychological undercurrents of daily existence through her work. Her pieces, often described as ‘visual poems’, delve into the realm of consciousness, both individually and collectively experienced. Through a surreal dreamscape lens, she reflects on the modern digital tether, portraying figures ensnared by the glow of for example smartphones, capturing the contemporary dance of egos projected onto social platforms.

Wagner’s artworks are more than a single animation; they are a series of unique ‘drawings’, with variations in timing, format and color, that together reveal new movements and insights.

The poetic blur in Wagner’s work invites viewers into an ethereal narrative, where reality melds with fantasy, urging a deeper contemplation of the self amidst the vast web of digital interconnectedness.

Wagner’s meticulous frame, whether capturing spontaneous fleeting moments or rehearsed storytelling, unveils the blurred lines between the tangible and the virtual, offering a reflective gaze into the collective digital dreamscape.