Tania Franco Klein

Photographer Tania Franco Klein was born in 1990 in Mexico. Without further ado, she begins discovering and developing her art after completing her bachelor in architecture. A revelation. She then decides to pursue this area of her craft and leaves for London, to earn, in the British capital, a master in photography from the University of the Arts.
The themes she explores are based on fascination. Fascination for topics such as the consumer society, hobbies, emotional disconnect, overstimulation/exposition to media, and the notion of eternal youth. Often depicting images and environments associated with domesticity and suburbs, Klein’s images also reflect her interest in the American Dream’s iconography. he addresses the western world in particular and the psychological consequences begat by every one of its aspects, of us, of our daily life. Famous for her portraits of staged subjects, Tania Franco Klein knows how to play with lighting. Usually made of deep contrasts of shadows and light, her pictures and their illumination techniques remind us of the chiaroscuro method. Mysterious effect and international recognition guaranteed!
Scrutinized and displayed by the biggest international critics, her work has been exhibited all around the world. In Europe, in the USA, and in Mexico, including in international fairs such as Photo Basel, Photo London, and for the Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA). Her accolades are only rivaled by her talent. These past few years, she received twice the Sony World Photography Award, but also the Lensculture Exposure Awards, the Felix Schoeller Photo Award of Germany Nominee, the FOAM Paul Huf Award Nominee, and the Photo London Artproof Schliemann Award as the best emerging artist at the 2018 London Photo fair.


Girl, Train

Unique artwork (1:1)