Neon skeletons, hallucinating frogs, and millions of dollars. Welcome to XCOPY’s dystopian world. An NFT artist whose popularity is no longer to be proven. Crypto Art frontrunner, to this day, XCOPY is regarded as one of the most original and bestselling crypto artists of all time. Anonymous, he only once hinted at his birth year: 1981, and his residence: London.

Unlike his elusive persona, his stunning style can be identified at first glance. Caricatural illustrations with glitch elements, bright colors and black outlines ; his oeuvres explore “death, dystopia, and apathy through distorted visual loops”. And this works. If the punk appearance of his artworks appeals to the masses through skulls, fire, psychedelic influences and a lot of neons; it is nonetheless full of humor, accompanied by witty titles and captions. Another ingredient is added to this clever mix: movement. XCOPY becomes himself by the perfect integration of motion in his illustration work by varying key elements of the initial design over time until it becomes something new, energetic, almost alive.

Some of his most remarkable works are published under the CC0 license. As for his sales, they are simply historical. XCOPY has also become one of the rare NFT artists to have a solo batch auctioned by Sotheby’s. Three of his “Rabbles”, from his “The Rabble on TV” collection were sold by the legendary auction house on its Metaverse platform, thus proving to those still in doubt that crypto-art has definitely changed the shape of the art world.